Advantego Corporation is a uniquely diverse enterprise that develops innovative solutions that capitalize on niche opportunities found within a selective market.

Our approach is to find an opportunity and apply our proven creativity and broad expertise using a multitude of internal components combining technology with strategic and financial partners to quickly and cost effectively obtain a desired result.

Our foundational infrastructure allows us to explore virtually every type of opportunity in a short period of time to minimize the pursuit of those that demand prohibitive resources and cannot meet expectations.

Our reach into the world’s library of available resources empowers innovation. We are not just limited to one or two verticals, rather retain flexibility and scalability to maximize results over a broad range of markets. Combining data, systems, and resources, we can deliver a multi-functional, all-inclusive managed solution across virtually any targeted sector.

As the world finds its way through the pandemic of 2020, Advantego is well equipped to adapt to the changes that are required to be successful in the way of the future moving forward. Whether our focus is technical, financial or to support existing operations through scalability, we maintain the flexibility and reliability that can secure and maintain a competitive advantage in those areas that we have pursued.