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Advantego Corporation is a publicly traded company headquartered in Denver, CO.  Advantego trades under the symbol OTC Markets: ADGO.

We design, develop and implement digital communications and enterprise software as specialized Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS).

All of our products and services are provided by our wholly-owned subsidiary Advantego Technologies, Inc..  Whether it is a simple web-based, single application software product, or a multi-functional, highly integrated, ‘decision-making’ managed service, we can address any specific need within a targeted industry and provide multi-channel capabilities to large organizations and networks of affiliated companies.

By utilizing a proprietary Intelligent Solution Platform, we can rapidly integrate  existing data and systems with “best in class” technologies and deliver a unique product or service.

Whether it be a stand-alone industry-specific product, or a highly integrated managed service delivered throughout a network of multiple locations, our technology increases operational efficiencies, enhances marketing and reduces ongoing costs.


Businesses not maximizing the rapid expansion of multiple options in today’s marketplace fall behind their competition.  Today’s constantly changing technology-driven environment can cause too much time spent on trying to understand what technologies to use, who does what, and how it can benefit the bottom line.

Advantego takes the headache out of having to work with multiple vendors, providing a “one-stop-show” meeting all of those needs.  In this way, Advantego ensures its clients are strategically positioned to take full advantage of the emerging tools and cutting-edge technologies, reducing development and time to market, to maintain a competitive advantage.