Advantego Corporation is a publicly-traded company (OTCQB: ADGO) headquartered in Denver, CO. The Company empowers business innovation through its two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Advantego Technologies Inc. and Advantego Communications, Inc., through an elite suite of products and services delivered as a specialized Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

As a Technical Solutions Provider, we integrate cutting edge, third party, leading technology with our proprietary Intelligent Solutions Platform and Business Rules Management System to deliver either an enterprise level, multi-functional, managed services across multiple channels or a stand-alone product that addresses either operational and marketing efficiencies or both.

Our focus is: First, to develop stand-alone highly automated products that a address specific niche in a targeted market with a large footprint; Second, to attract large network organizations consisting of multiple locations to provide customized, highly automated enterprise level solutions.

In each case, we strive to deliver the most efficient, cost effective products and services that capture customer loyalty and long-term recurring revenue.


Businesses not maximizing the rapid expansion of the many technical options in today’s marketplace tend to fall behind their competition.  Today’s constantly changing technology-driven environments can cause companies to spend too much time trying to understand what technologies to use, who does what best, cultivating new relationships and figuring out how all the pieces can be put together effectively to ultimately benefit the bottom line.

We have established relationships with strategic partners with expertise in many different disciplines.  We can very efficiently combine the needed components to produce highly effective solutions.

We take the headache out of companies having to work with and coordinate multiple vendors.  We provide a “one-stop-shop”, producing turnkey solutions.  In this way, Advantego ensures its clients are strategically positioned to quickly take full advantage of the emerging tools and cutting-edge technologies, reducing development costs and time to market and helping them establish and maintain a competitive advantage.