A business not maximizing the rapid expansion of the many technical options in today’s market place will eventually fall behind its competition. This constantly changing technology-driven environment demands too much time spent understanding who does what, what to use, who is best, and configuring all of the pieces to ultimately benefit the bottom line.

Advantego provides a “one-stop-shop” that takes the headache out of working with and coordinating these technologies with multiple vendors. This ensures our customers are strategically positioned to take full advantage of the emerging tools and cutting-edge technologies, by reducing development costs, time to market, and ongoing operational costs to maintain that competitive advantage.

We empower business innovation as a technical solutions provider through digital delivery systems, hardware and enterprise software products that capitalize on niche opportunities found within a specific targeted market.

We integrate existing data and systems with leading third- party technologies utilizing our proprietary Intelligent Solution Platform to deliver a scalable and cost-effective specialized Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

Our ADGO brand of products provide functionalities tailored to specific industries that can be combined with multiple software applications, to address the needs of any business, large enterprises, affiliate networks and franchise operators as a comprehensive, multi-channel, bundled solution.

Our Professional Services include Enterprise Software development; Product Design, Engineering and OEM Manufacturing for custom hardware products; and licensing and distribution of third-party cutting-edge technology from a host of Strategic Partners.