Advantego Corporation is a uniquely diverse enterprise that provides innovative products and services to businesses and consumers that capitalize on niche opportunities found within a selective market.

Our approach is simple! Find an opportunity and apply our proven creativity and broad expertise using a multitude of internal components that can be combined with cutting edge technology from a host of Strategic Partners to quickly and cost effectively obtain a desired result.

Our foundational infrastructure allows us to integrate virtually every type of software within our framework utilizing our proprietary Intelligent Solutions Platform reducing development time and on-going operational costs.

This opens up the world’s library of technology to empower innovation. We are not limited to one or two verticals, rather retain flexibility and scalability. Combining existing data and systems, we can deliver a multi-functional, all-inclusive managed solution across multiple-channels by way of our delivery systems.

As technology continues to evolve, Advantego is well equipped to adapt to these changes. Whether technical in nature or to support growth through scalability, we maintain the flexibility and reliability that can secure and maintain a competitive advantage.