Project Description

Content Generation / Social Media Branding

content generation
  • SEO/Social Media Coordination – Relevant posts are created in coordination with targeted keywords within your SEO program.
  • Time Optimization for Posts – Posts are scheduled on days and times of days when your customers are most active on social networks
  • A CONTENT AGGREGATOR pulls relevant news articles, graphics and related industry content from websites generating high impressions, and creates an industry-specific website and/or digital publication and then overlays our customers’ branding and advertisements
  • An AUTO CONTENT POSTER with high-end custom filtering posts your relevant content to existing, trusted sources on Social Media Accounts (e.g. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook) for greater Search Engine Rankings/Traffic
  • The AUTO CONTENT POSTER takes our customers’ branding and adds it as trusted and authoritative content on respected high-traffic websites
  • Manual Content Authoring and Social Posting – Every post is written by US-based professional writers who have researched and understand your business and industry in order to post relevant content.
  • Authoritative 3rd Party Links – Posts are managed through a credible process. We will only promote relevant information about your business, industry or specific call to actions that you direct.
  • Call to Action Posts offer your users the opportunity to carry out an action such as: signing up, visiting a specific page, etc.
  • Posts include integrated hashtags to highlight important keywords and make it easier for users to find similar content