Project Description

Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

What makes our solutions unique?

Very simply: They are as they should be.

Unlike other basic texting applications, … Our PromoTexting Solutions are designed to address the unique requirements of sophisticated, high volume promotional campaigns.

In conjunction with our messaging platform, our powerful rules engine works behind the scenes to govern all aspects of your variable messaging content and delivery. This sets us apart from all others. It makes our solutions very adaptable and highly configurable:

  • Integrate information from your databases or third-party sources into tailored message content
  • Send informative messages to one group of first-time inquirers while delivering different text messages to your opt-in subscribers
  • Vary the delivery content by geographic area, prior interests, co-op advertiser preferences, etc.
  • Deliver customized consumer and member entry screens, contest forms, landing pages and subscription-based web pages
  • Set sunrise/sunset time-frames for promotional events, coupons and in-store ‘show-your-message’ content
  • The list goes on …