Our custom-developed products and services often turn  into solutions that many customers can quickly implement to address common business requirements and challenges.

Our CONNECT II products and services help facilitate Quality Connections.  For example:

  • Our Connect II Integrations Hub instantly retrieves the public information required of our Financial Reporting Software
  • Businesses can cost-effectively end efficiently CONNECT II their customers through Interactive Digital Signage
  • TV viewers can CONNECT II the best Hollywood-Studio Sound possible
  • Business innovators can CONNECT II Quality and Cost-Effective Product Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Listed below are some of our current projects:


The Convertible Note Disclosure Report uses key details found in Convertible Notes and then generates the pertinent supporting information needed to produce the various required financial reports and disclosures.

The niche product is a cloud-based solution that addresses ASC-480 “Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity” reporting requirements, which are often very time-consuming and costly endeavors for public reporting companies.

This product is the first in a series of Financial Reporting Services that Advantego is offering to help companies expedite the filings of their required quarterly and annual disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under GAAP.

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If your company has a lot of different locations and you’d like to efficiently, and cost-effectively, manage the distribution of compelling advertising to display screens in your locations, you’ll need some sort of digital private network that can distribute your dynamic content quickly and effortlessly.

We have an economical solution all packaged up and ready to go, complete with hardware, distribution and network administration all taken care of.

Contact us and ask about our eLOBBY – PRIVATE NETWORK solution.

Featured Customer:

Assured Performance Network is by far the largest Certified Business Network in the automotive industry world-wide with approximately 3,000 affiliated collision repair shops.

Advantego provides the network-wide solution to distribute tailored content to play on TV screens in the shops’ lobbies.

This increases a shop’s return on their marketing dollars and enhances the customer experience.

It conveys consistent messaging across the network and provides provides maximum touch points for shops and OEM partners to further brand their services.

Updates are instantly distributed to all designated shops and content is downloaded and played locally, minimizing bandwidth requirements.


It’s Digital Signage with Guest Interaction!

  • Captures all guest photos via text messaging or social media
  • Display them instantly on TV screens at the event
  • Photos are available for access and download
  • Can be used at many types of events

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Click on this website thumbnail to learn more about the HearClearTV product we are manufacturing that totally enhances your TV listening experience!


If you want to do business these days, you need to have a good online presence.

If you want people to find you, you have to be listed accurately on as many different digital sites and platforms as possible.

If you want to do that efficiently and cost effectively, you need to have some sort of automated means to keep your business’ online listings up to date.

You also need an effective way to manage your customers’ reviews and administer your online reputation management.

Our PREMIUM BUSINESS LISTINGS AND REVIEW MANAGEMENT service can get all of your locations on track within a matter of days.

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Can Advantego design text messaging campaigns for us?


Text Messaging is now THE most effective communication tool for Digital Marketing campaigns.

The ‘open’ and ‘response’ rates eclipse all other advertising methods.

How can you get started quickly and easily with a texting campaign?

We have the solution:  PROMOTEXT

Using this proprietary platform, we can quickly tailor a solution to match your marketing campaign’s unique text messaging requirements.

Contact one of our Account Managers to learn more about these, and other, products and services.