Financial Technology (also known as FinTech) refers to the innovative applications, processes, products or business solutions that are transforming the financial services industry.

It is a prominent buzzword of the day, being one of the biggest trending hashtags on Twitter and nearly 74 million search results on Google.

Advantego is a FinTech Solutions Provider that leverages its proprietary Intelligent Solutions Platform to provide niche financial services for private and public reporting companies.


The Convertible Note Disclosure Service is an example of the type of Financial Reporting Services Advantego provides.

It is a unique solution addressing the reporting requirements for ASC-480 “Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity”.  This information needs to be produced every quarter for each convertible note.  It usually takes many days to obtain and is typically a quite costly expense for reporting companies.

Our Convertible Note Disclosure Service helps companies quickly and cost-effectively obtain the information needed for their quarterly and annual disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under GAAP.

Key details about the convertible notes are submitted online and the analysis is completed within hours, at a very reasonable rate, returning a Convertible Note Disclosure Report that contains the information needed for submitting the corresponding financial reports and disclosures.

Quarterly and Year-to-date Roll-up Tables for all notes are also available on a subscription basis.

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Advantego sells electronic devices under the ADGO brand and also offers our customers and strategic partners the opportunity to private label some of our products for their own promotions and sales efforts.

Featured Electronics:  We recently acquired the North American distribution rights to ASKA Electronics’ line of innovative electro-acoustic products that include proprietary noise cancellation technology and Bluetooth capability for headphones, earphones, waterproof sport earbuds, speakers and IoT devices.

This relationship enables us to rapidly design and provide audio products with a high-end material selection and extraordinary sound performance, with timely delivery and cost-effective wholesale pricing.

You can review our latest catalog here: Audio Products Catalog – 2019.